Workshop on the Oil Retail Market in South-East Europe and Serbia

BELGRADE, 15 May 2014. – National Petroleum Committee of Serbia – World Petroleum Council organized on 15 May, in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Belgrade, a Workshop on „Oil Retail Market in South-East Europe (SEE) and Serbia : Current Status and Prospects“.
Welcoming participants, domestic and foreign panelists ,  representatives  of government institutions, as well as of numerous companies operating at the petroleum market of Serbia, Secretary General of NPCS Slobodan Sokolovic said that the Committee should continue in the future to use these expert workshops to face the most current issues, requiring expert comments, suggestions and answers.
Trends in consumption of oil products, projections and open issues from this sector in the region  and wider were discussed by Executive Manager of the Institute for Energy of the SE (IENE) from Athens, Costis Stambolis and the summary of the situation in Serbia was presented by the Secretary General of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia (UNKS) , Tomislav Micovic.
Representatives of Austrian company OMV, Marko Miljevic, NIS-Oil Industry of Serbia, Nadezda Korobejnikova  and Greek Hellenik Petroleum, Petros Karalis, presented to the workshop audience experiences of their companies in the field of retail sale, use of refinery capacities, structure and principles of forming the prices of fuel, competitiveness, monitoring the fuel quality , while the Secretary General of the Slovenian National Petroleum Committee – World Petroleum Council , Ales Peternel, presented the situation in Slovenia.
Summarizing the panel discussion , event moderator Goran Radosavljevic (NIS Plc) said that the participants of the workshop stressed, among other things, the need and possibilities for achieving better regional cooperation on topics and issues faced by all participants at the oil retail market , primarily in the fields of quality control and struggle against the gray econmy.