The goal of the "BIOGOS" project was to support the implementation of EU legislation in the field of biofuels in transport in Serbia through the exchange of experiences with experts from Croatia with the financial support of the Central European Initiative. The project included the exchange of experiences of NNKS members with experts from Croatia, organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, in the implementation of the Directive in the field of biofuels in transport. During 2014, the project was implemented through two expert workshops in Belgrade, dedicated to consultations with Croatian partners in the field of drafting legislation and transferring examples of good practice in the practical regulation of the biofuels market in Croatia and other EU members. During the study visit to Zagreb, NNKS representatives had the opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of competent state institutions that participated in this process in Croatia - the Ministry of Economy and the Croatian Market Energy Operator, as well as to visit the oil company INA, where their experiences are used. biofuels were shared by representatives of their laboratory. As a result of the project, the starting points for the drafting of bylaws necessary for the implementation of biofuels in Serbia have been prepared.