NPCS Youth Committee Founded

BELGRADE, 02 June 2014. – Youth Committee of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia was founded on 2 June in Belgrade, with the mission to act within the world organization of young experts from oil and gas industry.
Addressing the participants of the constitutional session, the Chairman of the NPCS, prof. Petar Skundric said that in these young experts the National Committee will get the best associates and sets a lasting continuity of its further activities.
Besides, members of the NPCS obtain through the Youth Committee a body that will generate ideas for the oil and gas industry, contribute to the presentation of a realistic picture of challenges and opportunities of this sector of economy and to overcoming the generation gap, all through the assistance of mentors and networking of young and experienced experts.
Bodies of the Youth Committee of the NPCS were elected at the session.
Prof. Radmila Neducin Marinkovic, PhD, member of the National Council for High Education of Serbia delivered a lecture on “High Education in 21st Century – development, perspectives and limitations”.