NPCS Assembly Adopts Work Program for 2013

Belgrade, February 26, 2013 – The Assembly of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia (NPCS) adopted on Tuesday, February 26, the 2012 Annual Report, the work program for 2013, as well as the accompanying financial statements and plans. Professor Petar Škundrić, President of NPCS and energy advisor to Serbian PM, said at the meeting, also attended by József Toth, Senior Vice President of the World Petroleum Council Executive Committee, that the Committee had been a good representative of Serbian petroleum and gas industry.
He pointed out that what lies ahead for our country is the construction of the South Stream international gas pipeline, and in the petroleum sector, further investments of NIS in Serbia and the region. These investments will have a great impact on the economy as a whole, and could aid it in recovering from recession, but they also indicate the importance of Serbia as an energy hub, said NPCS President.

József Toth informed those present about the preparations for the upcoming WPC world petroleum congress, to take place next year in Moscow. He invited domestic experts to register their papers for the most representative gathering in the world petroleum industry. Aleš Peternel, a guest at the meeting and General Secretary of the National Petroleum Committee of Slovenia, said that the regional workshop, planned to be held in Portorož, would probably be relocated to Serbia and organized jointly with the colleagues from Serbia and Macedonia. As part of the introductory lectures, Rainer Schlang, member of the Executive Board of the Austrian OMV, presented to the participants of the NPCS Assembly the report “OMV Brand Outlook in 2013”, and Professor Dejan Skala of the Belgrade Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, presented the “Results of the Research into the Conversion of Aleksinac Oil Shales into Synthetic Oil in the Period from 1985 to 1991”.

Alongside regular activities – drafting the study of the analysis of petroleum products in Serbia, the working group in charge of the analysis of laws and regulations in this sector of the economy, publishing of the News Bulletin quarterly and oil and gas news overviews weekly – the NPCS plans to organize in 2013 an international conference on the subject of petroleum products retail market in Southeastern Europe, as well as a number of workshops, geared towards the most important questions in the general area of oil and gas in Serbia and the region.