Building upon the best practices in the World Petroleum Council network, the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia is strongly devoted to promoting and supporting the activities of young professionals under the age of 35 engaged in the oil and gas sector through its Young Professionals Committee.

With belief that the energy of young professionals will be the main driving force for the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry, the mission of the Young Professionals Committee is to deliver innovation, cooperation and build dialogue to overcome the generation gap in our industry.

The main bodies of the Young Professionals Committee are the Forum, Chair, Vice Chair and the Secretary General.

Members of the Young Professionals Committee:

–   Nastas Mihajlović, YPC Chair (LUKOIL);

–   Boris Samardžić, YPC Vice Chair (NIS);

–   Slavica Ris, YPC Vice Chair (PE Transnafta);

–   Tamara Šereš, YPC Secretary General (NIS);

–   Marko Lazić, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Nikola Bogićević, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Martina Veselinović, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Bojana Savić, YPC Member (LUKOIL);

–   Miloš Radojević, YPC Member (University of Belgrade);

–   Bojana Vasić, YPC Member (PE Transnafta);

–   Miloš Babić, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Milica Dimić, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Bogdan Lakićević, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Miloš Cvetković, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Nikola Nastasović, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Marko Đurđević, YPC Member (PE Transnafta);

–   Tomislav Petković, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Ella Gheorghieva, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Marijana Ćuruvija, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Miloš Miković, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Miloš Cvijanović, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Martina Veselinović, YPC Member (NIS);

–   Aleksandar Miladinović, YPC Member (NIS);