NNKS Executive Board Session

Belgrade, 28 October 2021 – In the presence of members of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia – World Petroleum Council (NNKS), the 46th session of the NNKS Executive Board was held in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. For the first time in new assembly, the session was chaired by Goran Stojilkovic, the new president of NNKS, and together with representatives of NNKS members the session was also attended by Prof. Dr. Petar Stanojevic, the new Vice President of NNKS, and Senka Walid, the new Secretary General.

The representative of UNKS, Tomislav Mićović, presented the results of the study "Analysis of the market of oil derivatives in the Republic of Serbia in 2020". During the session the activities of NNKS in the previous period were discussed and decisions from the regular functioning of the association were adopted.