Meeting of the Representatives of the National Petroleum Committees

BELGRADE, June 16, 2011 – A consultative meeting of the general secretaries and representatives of the national petroleum committees (NPC) of the World Petroleum Council (WPC) was held in Belgrade. It was attended by József Toth, Senior Vice President of the World Petroleum Council Executive Committee, Aleš Peternel, General Secretary of the NPC of Slovenia, Monika Ilesiu, representative of the Romanian NPC, Petros Karalis, Director of the international marketing activities at Hellenic Petroleum, Jovan Mišić, representative of the Modriča Refinery from the Republic of Srpska, and Slobodan Sokolović, General Secretary of NPC Serbia.
The meeting was opened and the participants were welcomed by Kirill Kravchenko, Vice President of NPCS, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS). National Committee representatives welcomed this initiative to exchange ideas and information on the activities of National Petroleum Committees of the countries of Southeastern Europe, and informed the participants of the meeting about the 2011 activities of the Committees they represented.

In the meeting, an initiative was discussed regarding possible cooperation of the national committees within the framework of the Danube Strategy. A possibility of cooperation in connection with potential exploration and exploitation of unconventional sources of oil and gas as regional energy sources was also discussed; the creation of the petroleum and gas infrastructural information network in the region, as well as the scientific and educational potential in the region in the area of oil and gas, and the role of national petroleum committees in increasing the capacity in this area.

The initiative to create a regional database in the context of the Strategy for the Danube Region was supported. In addition, it was agreed to start a regional database project in the area of the geological exploration of the undiscovered potentials of oil and gas in the region within the framework of the Danube Strategy.