NNKS quarterly bulletin: Petrochemistry – the direction of the energy strategy of the oil industry

BROJ 41; oktobar, 2021

This issue of the NNKS Quarterly Bulletin follows developments in one of the currently most attractive sectors of the oil industry, petrochemistry, which a large number of actors and most analysts in this market consider the direction of the energy strategy of the oil industry.

Due to the circumstances, while the Bulletin was being drafted, information arrived from the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Serbia that the company NIS submitted an application for participation in the privatization procedure of HIP Petrohemija.
The future of integration of refinery and petrochemical processes, EU green agreement and answer to over 50 years old question: How together Pancevo Refinery and HIP Petrohemija are some of the questions answered by the Minister of Mining and Energy and the new President of the NNKS Assembly, prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlović and General Manager of HIP Petrohemija Velimir Unković.

When it comes to the world scene, where the chemical and petrochemical industries provide 1,710,000 jobs, in this issue we publish an interview with Raquel Canton Jara, a member of the Spanish WPC Committee, who will participate in the upcoming 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston at the Forum on integration of refineries and petrochemical companies.

On the other hand, the world’s largest state-owned oil companies rejected calls for a quick turnaround in more oil and gas consumption, warning that small investments in oil and gas production would jeopardize the global economy.
We also bring the text of the expert associate of the Bulletin on this topic: Oil refineries – future petrochemical complexes, while in the section Our members we transfer the most important activities of the companies NIS, Srbijagas and Lukoil Serbia in the past quarter.

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