Forum of the NPCS Youth Committee

Youth Committee of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia (NPCS) organized on Tuesday, 15th July a discussion forum dedicated to the familiarization of young people from the oil industry with the Danube Strategy, results of the 21st World Petroleum Congress held in Moscow, as well as with the goals of the WPC Tomorrow’s Leaders Symposium.
Introductory speakers at the discussion forum held in the premises of the University Of Novi Sad (UNS) were Miroslav Veskovic, rector of UNS, Slobodan Sokolovic, secretary general of NPCS and Dragan Govedarica, Chairman of the NPCS Youth Committee.
Mr. Sokolovic stressed that the Petroleum Summit in Moscow was dedicated to the search of responses to the issue of the safety of energy supply to the ever increasing number of inhabitants on Earth.
The greatest attention was paid to the exploration of new oil deposits in more and more unfavorable conditions (Arctic, ultra deep seas, low porosity deposits etc.), with new technologies in the field of oil production and refinement, but also to the steps that would contribute to the further development of that branch of economy
Participants of the „Oil Olympiad“ emphasized  the need of permanent education of human resources in this field and warned that professionals in the field of oil and gas exploration will be worldwide deficient very soon, which is a chance for the young people, said Sokolovic.
Dragan Govedarica said that these topics and the preparation of young cadres to provide quality replacement for their older colleagues, will be also discussed at the youth symposium that would take place in London by end August. According to the Chairman of the NPCS Youth Committee, our country will have three representatives there, young people employed at the managerial positions in the Oil Industry of Serbia.
Importance of education, as well as of cooperation between the economy/industry and high-school institutions was discussed by the Rector of the Novi Sad University, Miroslav Veskovic. According to him, cooperation between R&D institutions, like „Oil industry of Serbia” and the University of Novi Sad, is of exceptionally good quality, providing excellent results. Speaking about the Danube Strategy, which connects 14 states, over 115 million inhabitants and about three million students, as the opportunity for young experts, Veskovic said that, by their knowledge and efforts, they could contribute to the development of the society as a whole.