First Issue of NPCS Bulletin Published

BELGRADE, November 15, 2011 – The National Petroleum Committee of Serbia (NPCS) published on November 15 the first issue of the News Bulletin (in PDF format) of this body of the World Petroleum Council (WPC), using which it will inform the media, its members, as well as state institutions and the expert and general public about its activities and other topics related to the oil and gas industry locally and in the world, on a quarterly basis.
Anticipating the 20th anniversary of the WPC Congress, to be held in Doha, at which Serbia will for the first time be present via the NPCS as a member of this most prestigious international petroleum forum, the Bulletin leader in this issue is dedicated to this event. Every new issue will have a new, leading, most current topic from the local and world petroleum scenes.

Among other things, the Bulletin offers interviews with Pierce Riemer, Director General of WPC, and Chris Beddoes, Deputy Secretary General at EUROPIA, the editorial by the NPCS President Petar Škundrić, and reviews of key events in the global petroleum market in recent years, as well as projections of future mid-term developments in the sector. In this Bulletin issue, as it is the first one, all nine founders of NPCS introduce themselves. In the issues to come, which will appear quarterly, this space will be dedicated to news from the members, thus becoming an information booklet and a specific chronicle of events on the increasingly dynamic oil and gas scene in Serbia.