Collabration between NPCS and IENE Institute from Athens

BELGRADE, October 24, 2013. – National Petroleum Committee of Serbia (NPCS) and the Institute of Energy of South East Europe (IENE), based in Athens, have agreed to commence collaboration in a wide range of areas of mutual benefit and interests, using the experiences, knowledge and expertise of both the organizations and their members.
The specific possibilities of collaboration were the subject of talks in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce between Kostis Stambolis, Executive Director of IENE, and the General Secretary of the NPCS, Slobodan Sokolović, as well as the representatives of the members of the Serbian National Committee..As has been agreed, the collaboration will, among other things, include organizing joint workshops in the area of oil and gas industry, other energy questions of regional import, and a continued exchange of information, publications, and technical papers, as well as exchanging banners on portals, and similar.

Mr Stambolis expressed a keen interest in the regular monthly and quartery information and theme-oriented publications prepared and published by the Serbian National Committee.