Acknowledgement awarded to BIOGOS project of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia

Central European Initiative (CEI) proclaimed as „Success Story“ the project of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia (NPCS) titled BIOGOS „Implementation of the 2009/28/ЕC Directive in the field of biofuels and transport in the Republic of Serbia – Transfer of best practice“.
TheBIOGOS Project was prepared and implemented during  2014, in cooperation with the Faculty ofMechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding of the Zagreb University and comprisedexchange of experience of the NPCS members and their Croatian partners in the areaof implementation of EU legislation, in particular of the 2009/28/EC Directivein the field of bio-fuels and transportation.  According to the releasefrom this regional intergovernmental organization, which co-financed theimplementation of the project together with the Oil Industry of Serbia, theproject content was of great importance for the transfer of best practice fromCroatia in the field of implementation of the said legislation in Serbia and italso established mutual contacts which may lead to new joint programs andpartnerships in the future.