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The National Petroleum Committee of Serbia is a national body of the World Petroleum Council, headquartered in London. Since 1933 it promotes management of global oil resources for the benefit of mankind. The World Petroleum Council’s (WPC) main purpose is to catalyse and facilitate dialogue amongst internal and external stakeholders aimed at seeking solutions to key technical, social, environmental and management challenges in global energy issues. Accordingly, the WPC does not have a formal opinion on issues but does act as a forum to bring together in dialogue various sectors of society that have views on specific issues. The WPC is committed to application of scientific advancements in oil and gas industries, to technology transfer and to the use of the world’s petroleum (oil and gas) resources for the benefit of all.

The World Petroleum Council includes over 70 member countries from all over the world representing over 95% of global oil and gas production. The WPC includes both OPEC and Non-OPEC countries with thus bringing together national oil companies (NOC’s) and independent oil companies (IOC’s). Each country has a national committee consisting of representatives of the oil and gas industry, academic and research institutions and government departments. The Council consisting of representatives of each of the country national committees is the superior body. The Council consisting of representatives from each of the country national committees is the governing body of the WPC.

The National Petroleum Committee of Serbia was established on 3 March 2011. The following organisations are considered to be the founders of the Committee; University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Naftna industrija Srbije j.s.c. Novi Sad, PE Transnafta, PE Srbijagas, Lukoil Serbia j.s.c., Associations of Oil Companies of Serbia and Serbian Oil and Gas Association (SNAGA). In 2018, two more companies joint the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia, Petrohemija and Informatika, and in 2021, Serbian Energy Law Association become new member.


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