First Expert Workshop Held as Part of Project BIO4BLEND

BELGRADE, September 2021 – First expert workshop within a project entitled “BIO4BLEND – Impact of Legislative on Biofuels on Serbian Market: Overcoming the Problems and Introduction of EU Best Practice in Early Stage of Biofuels Implementation on the Serbian Market” was organised by the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia – World Petroleum Council at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on 21 September.

The expert workshop attracted members of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia, representatives of state authorities and competent ministries, and various businesses, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the introduction of biofuel legislation in the Czech Republic, challenges EU countries faced with respect to RED II Directive application, practical issues tackled by the Czech Republic in the early stages of biofuel rollout on its market and ways to solve them, which could be beneficial to the Republic of Serbia in meeting its forthcoming obligation to place biofuel on the market. The event also included a presentation of a comparative analysis of biofuel legislation in the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Republic, and the participants heard more about the portfolio of potential biocomponents and their properties. The outcomes of the expert workshop will serve as a baseline that will help all stakeholders in the biofuel market in the Republic of Serbia to adequately prepare for the biofuel placement obligation that will come into effect on 1 January 2022.

“The timing of the BIO4BLEND Project is perfect for our company, which has been working intensively to prepare its capacities for the production and placement of biofuel on the Serbian market. A better insight into the EU practices and exchange of the knowledge and experience of our Czech partners during the early stages of biofuel implementation will allow companies to promptly adapt and to overcome any hurdles that may arise. The forthcoming study visit to Prague will be especially beneficial, as it will help representatives from various companies, associations and institutions together with other project stakeholders to learn more about practical solutions in all stages of biofuel production, distribution, storage and placement,” says Senka Walid, General Secretary of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia – World Petroleum Council.

The BIO4BLEND Project is launched in cooperation with the Prague University of Chemistry and Technology and co-funded through Czech development assistance.
The Project will continue to run until end-2021 through a study visit to Prague and another expert workshop aimed at exchanging good practices from the EU countries in the field of biofuel.