Young Professionals Committee (YPC NNKS-WPC) is organised as a part of National Petroleum Committee of Serbia in order to support activities of oil and gas professionals (age below 35).

President of YPC Serbia is Nastas Mihajlović, representative of Lukoil Serbia.

Members of the Young Professionals Committee for the Period 2018-2020:
– Nastas Mihajlović, YPC President (LUKOIL);
– Boris Samardžić, YPC Vice President (NIS);
– Slavica Ris, YPC Vice President (PE Transnafta);
– Tamara Šereš, YPC Secretary General (NIS);
– Marko Lazić, YPC Member (NIS);
– Nikola Bogićević, YPC Member (NIS);
– Martina Veselinović, YPC Member (NIS);
– Bojana Savić, YPC Member (LUKOIL);
– Miloš Radojević, YPC Member (University of Belgrade);
– Bojana Vasić, YPC Member (PE Transnafta);
– Miloš Babić, YPC Member (NIS);
– Milica Dimić, YPC Member (NIS);
– Bogdan Lakićević, YPC Member (NIS);
– Miloš Cvetković, YPC Member (NIS);


  • Developing and cooperating with young, ambitious professionals in line with sustainable development


  • Work within the world organization of young professionals in the oil and gas industry, providing and generating ideas for the oil and gas industry. Presenting the real image, challenges and opportunities of the oil and gas industry to the public, overcoming the generation gap with the help of mentors and networking systems for young and experienced professionals.


  • Transparency
  • Complexity
  • Diversity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Protection
  • Technological innovations
  • Long-run operation


  • Forum
  • President
  • Vice Presidents
  • Secretary General